Postcards from the Darklands

Postcards from the Darklands

I developed the digital design series Postcards from the Darklands in 2016 for a poem book of the same title by Gainesville poet Jimmy Fishshawk. It consisted of ten digitally altered versions of photos I took in my travels through France and Italy. We aimed to reference (not reproduce or imitate) vintage postcards from back when friends sent short notices to loved ones trying to invite them into their experience by pulling them for a moment inside a glimpse of their surroundings. We printed the series in a 30” X 20” format to hang at the book presentation at the Gainesville Civic Media Center.

Of the series and book title, Fishhawk wrote: 

“The Darklands are the spectre-haunted capitals of Old Europe as viewed through reverse images, photo negatives lost down sewer grates by spooked tourists, shadows inverted behind the eyelids of the people who still abide down cobblestone streets their ancestors’ feet wore smooth. The Darklands may be caught in infrared glimpses framed by ancient shade trees. They glimmer just below the surface of sunset rivers older than time. The Darklands divulge purged and buried narratives from behind the shrapnel-flecked façade of Official History and Big Men’s Wars.”

I chose my favorite five to share with you.

You can buy Jimmy Fishhawk’s poem book here.