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We are Dancing Ghost Productions, a loose and constantly evolving cabal of Gainesville/Puerto Rico artists and writers. We are a Florida based design and development studio focusing on excellent art, and solid code, serving clients across the US and Internationally. Mainly working on advertising design, web development, book design, print and painting and poetry, our goal is to explore the possible interrelations of our members’ visions and… well, honestly, to have some fun while doing art.


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greeting cards, shirts, mugs, whatever else we can slap our art on …

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So we decided to put our stuff on stuff. Mainly Johnny Rocket Ibanez’s art. On anything we could print on. We’re constantly in the process of finding more things that art can be printed on that people might like, so it’s an ever evolving process. For the moment, you can find here stationary. Greeting cards, specifically. Although we’re working next on clothes, mugs and tea towels (because why not.) Also you’ll eventually find here art prints, books and original art. So make sure to check back!

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