Giverny Pond


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Many, many years ago I met a gorgeously beautiful girl in school. Both of us adoring admirers of the impressionists, we discovered we were both avowed francophiles and she shared with me that she planned to go to France, something I could not do at the time. Somehow I convinced her that if she postponed her trip to France and instead we hitched our futures together, one day we would go to France together and that way we would have the opportunity to tell each other silly things by the banks of the Siene.  For some reason that seemed attractive to her.

Well, it took 40 years before we were able to keep our mutual promise and, still impressionists proselytists, we simply could not visit France without paying a visit to the temple of the greatest of them all, Monet’s gardens in Giverny, a small quaint village in the region of Normandy in northern France. Our Mecca.

There we found this beautiful pond, with two beached row boats and light filtering through the tree canopy in a myriad of hues. An epiphany.

Giverny Pond is our evidence that it was not a mirage.

The small size is printed on 100 lb coated matte, the large size is printed on 80 lb coated matte

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