Tuscan Farm 1


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Riding the train from Rome up to Turin, you cross Tuscany’s flat farm lands. From your window you can periodically see Tuscany’s  traditional stone walled and clay tiles roofed farm houses, sometimes in the distance, sometimes actually pretty close to the train tracks. Many look like working farms in good working conditions, but some have obviously been abandoned, with caved in roofs and/or crumbling walls. As I saw those sliding in the distance, they made me think ‘what about the families that used to breathe there, what about the kids that grew there, are they still in this world (how long has that farm been abandoned?), do they still fondly recall when they meet for the holidays in Milan or Rome their games in the fields or their adolescent ennui in their second floor bedrooms?’

Tuscany Farm 1 and Tuscany Farm 2 are based on photos I took from the train coming back from Rome to Turin.

The small size is printed on 100 lb coated matte, the large size is printed on 80 lb coated matte

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