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Tuscany Shack is a product of a happy accident. When we headed out from Florence to our bed and breakfast inn up in the Tuscan mountains near Radicondoli, Il Bel Canto, our Italian guide at the wheel confessed to us that she had not driven a standard transmission car for some time and much less on steep inclined tight curves like the ones we dove into with gusto. That and her co-pilot’s  malfunctioning GPS, which had to be held up in a specific position (think co-pilot’s painful right arm cramps) or the power cord would lose contact and make the faulty device re-boot from scratch, made for a hilarious ride with them engaging in shouting matches where the co-pilot tried in her own curious way to calm down the driver and the driver cursing in Italian something that had to do with ‘puta’ and ‘merda’ that she kept repeating like a mantra. I was not able to make out completely what she was saying, but I sure knew what the two words meant….

I was riding in the back seat with my camera on my lap and, in a tight curve where our heroic driver had to reduce speed more than usual, out of boredom I just pointed the camera out the window and shot. I was surprised when I saw what I had captured.

The small size is printed on 100 lb coated matte, the large size is printed on 80 lb coated matte

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